Rapid Letters™

When your Customer Service Representatives and front-end business users need to respond to customer queries immediately and send secure and compliant written communications, CEDAR’s Rapid Letters is your solution.

rapid letters interface and final document
Your customer-facing employees can use the Rapid Letters interface to personalize and send ad hoc documents using pre-developed templates while they have the customer on the phone. And, your business users can drive and maintain regulatory compliance of all letter content without the need for an IT project.

Features of Rapid Letters

Rapid Letters includes two submodules: Template Builder and Letter Sender.
Rapid Letters letter builder

Template Builder

The Template Builder module provides:

  • A CEDAR-built template framework
  • Fixed style elements based on your style guide
  • Input of metadata and standard content
  • Template creation based on older existing versions
  • Template search interface
  • Activation controls of template versions
  • Version histories for auditing purposes
  • Role-based control of editing and activation
Rapid Letters letter sender


Letter Sender

The Letter Sender module includes:

  • Data element retrieval capabilities
  • Account search interface (to select recipient)
  • Letter creation based upon the letter type
  • Delivery method selection
  • Draft version creation and editing capability
  • User confirmation for final letter version

Benefits of Rapid Letters

Lowered dependency on your internal IT department. You won’t be waiting for weeks or months in IT’s queue.
Stay regulatory compliant. Avoid the headache of compliance missteps by enabling users to make simple changes.
Real-time response. Your customers receive a rapid response while they are on the phone with your CSRs.
Consistent look & feel of all documents. All of your customer communications will be easy to read & understand.
Enhanced customer servicing. Access to historical data for a “single point of contact” customer experience.
Increased customer satisfaction. Personally relevant content improves the customer’s overall experience.

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