Rapid Content Manager

When control over the content going into your customer communications is an issue, Rapid Content Manager is your solution.

Rapid Content is a web-based change management tool that allows users to dynamically control the content in specified regions of print, electronic and portal-based communications. Document content, insertion rules, template management and proofing all occur based on the schedule of your business needs – whether the document will be delivered in print or electronically.

Features of Rapid Content

Rapid Content includes four submodules: Resource Manager, Rules Manager, Template Manager and Proofing Manager.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager enables users to upload text, images and other resources and identify those resources as available for use in any document at any time. Resource manager

The Resource Manager module provides:

  • Resource creation by file upload
  • Resource creation by manual input of text
  • User selection of which resources to make available for use
  • Resource version histories for auditing purposes
  • Resource ID using various elements
  • User confirmation of new and changed resources

Rules Manager

The Rules Manager enables users to construct rules and set conditions that control when and where a resource is used in a specific print and/or electronic document.

Rules mod

The Rules Manager includes:

  • Creation of rules/conditions that control resource use
  • Rules search interface
  • Rule version histories for auditing purposes
  • Rule ID using various data like name, description, file type, etc.
  • User confirmation of new and changed rules

Template Manager

The Template module enables the composition of customized versions of an existing template. It also supports the convergence of resources and rules in a template version to compose a specific document type for a specific set of customers. Template manager

The Template Manager module provides:

  • Creation of template versions based on existing templates
  • Template search interface
  • Template version histories for template management and auditing purposes
  • Template ID using various data like name, description, file type, etc.
  • User confirmation of new and changed templates.

Proofing Manager

The Proofing module enables testing of new document templates to ensure that rules and resources are implemented as intended.

Proofing manager

The Proofing Manager includes:

  • Test composition using preloaded test data
  • Dynamic status indication of test results
  • Approval and rejection of template versions
  • ID of test initiator and other data such as test date, approval date, rejection date, etc.
  • Viewing of test communication output
  • Activation of template version (promotion of template version into the production environment)

Benefits of Rapid Content

Improved customer retention & loyalty. Greatly improve the customer experience through targeted marketing messages. Easy-to-use interface. Create and assign predefined roles for your internal stakeholders and users.
Multi-language support. Documents can be deployed in multiple languages based on your customers’ requirements.

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