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CEDAR is a different CX company.  We’re different because we’ve been in business longer and have more experience than virtually any other company in the Customer Experience (CX) space.  As your organization works to improve your customer’s experiences, wouldn’t you want the most experienced partner you could find?

CEDAR is not a software tool that leaves you to install and run the solution on your own. We are not a company that embraces a “what’s hot” philosophy for whatever technology currently has the market buzzing.  We are different in that over time we have built a richly integrated foundation of people, processes, and technology including:

• Our Agile CX Platform that unlocks the data that has accumulated in your core systems over time, while increasing your core systems useful life and protecting your investment.

• Our Engagement Process that captures operational issue drivers targeted operational improvements and project ROI to efficiently realize speed-to-value while minimizing project risk.

• Our Hosted, Managed Services environment that best enables us to support your CX  through a fully hosted, single-point solution.

All grounded in deep experience delivering high value over time with minimum project risk.

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