Streamline Communications Changes for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be an expensive headache. Requirements change frequently, and, in a typical enterprise, must be implemented across many systems. It’s difficult to know the scope of the problem, let alone keep pace. Typically when a business user needs to change a document or template, they submit a request to IT – and studies show that it can take anywhere from three weeks to never fulfill those requests. One missed compliance requirement deadline can quickly turn into a very costly misstep.

The solution? Accelerate the regulatory compliance process by streamlining document changes with CEDAR’s Rapid Compliance™.

CEDAR’s Rapid Letters and Rapid Content™ Manager products can help speed up your ability to respond to regulatory and legislative requirements by:

  • Enabling business users to make changes to global text, documents, letters, and forms
  • Supporting business user changes through self-managed proofing, review, and approval
  • Providing the ability to inventory or search all content currently in use
  • Self-manage approval rights, notifications, and user roles

See CEDAR’s RAPID Product Suite in Action

See how CEDAR implemented its Rapid Letters™ and Rapid Content™ tool for a leading online bank that needed to rebrand all of its documents, statements, and letters
within 6 months.

The challenges our client faced included:

  • Limited ability for rapid change with current core systems
  • No consistency to letter templates because they were managed in MS Word
  • Printed documents did not comply with the new brand’s requirements for user-friendly online experience
  • No electronic delivery capabilities

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