Enterprise Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment

Enterprise Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)

Going digital with your invoicing is not just about delivering existing invoices online — it’s about reducing the time and effort it takes your customers to pay. The solution must automate invoice creation and payment application while accommodating the complex payment workflows required by your customers’ AP departments. By quickly giving the payer the data and functions they need, we can lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the cost of billing while tracking activity in a single, easy-to-use system.

CEDAR’s Enterprise EIPP Servicing platform supports the complex data integrations and presentment options clients demand and the payment functions required to support the full range of AR use cases faced by a modern large enterprise. Our platform easily supports special functional extensions that provide our custom fit without sacrificing scalability or affordability.

PAYMENT CONVENIENCE: Mobile, stored wallet & multiple payment methods, scheduled & automatic payments increase your customers’ speed of payment.

REDUCED OPERATIONAL COSTS: 24/7 digital self-servicing tools for payments, documents & alerts reduce call center activity and decrease transaction costs as much as 97%.

SECURITY & COMPLIANCE: PCI, SSAE 16 SOC 2 & CFPB compliant payment, document archive, delivery tracking & content management ensure security.

IMPROVED DSO: Barriers to invoice reconciliation are removed, and your customers’ accounts payable processes are streamlined.

IMPROVED INVOICE STATUS VISIBILITY: Single source invoice status for all client sectors (account management, sales, marketing and accounts receivable) eliminates confusion, inquiries & manual processes.

Enterprise Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment diagram

EIPP Customer Experience Platform features

EIPP is the bridge between your Accounts Receivable and your customer’s Accounts Payable. It offers organizations simplified accounts payable process that can grow as needs change. It offers maximum flexibility and choice, allowing you to select the level of payment automation that is right for your organization from payment to processing to financing. CEDAR’s business-to-business (B2B) EIPP solution lets you present your customers with an easy-to-use invoicing portal site where they can receive, view and pay their invoices. With CEDAR’s EIPP, you will be able to:

  • Significantly reduce costs associated with traditional print and mail
  • Speed up payment processing which lowers DSO
  • Provide targeted messages and promotions to your customers
  • Rapidly deploy your EIPP delivery with CEDAR’s Agile CX Platform

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