Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Direct-to-Consumer Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

Your consumer web portal is the cornerstone of an effective customer relationship strategy. Web and mobile portals provide the ultimate brand exposure in a 21st-century customer ecosystem. This home base for customer self-servicing allows you to migrate services away from higher-cost servicing channels such as your call center.

The anytime, anywhere convenience offered in our mobile application broadens your customer reach and their ability to self-service. Regardless of the number of channels you use to service and communicate with your customers, your web and mobile portals should provide intuitive, consistent aggregation of real-time account information and servicing features, delivering the access and control expected by today’s digital customers.

PAYMENT CONVENIENCE: Mobile, stored wallet & multiple payment methods, scheduled & automatic payments increase your customers’ speed of payment.

REDUCED OPERATIONAL COSTS: 24/7 self-servicing tools for payments, documents & alerts reduce call center activity and decrease transaction costs as much as 97%.

SECURITY & COMPLIANCE: PCI, SSAE 16 SOC2 and CFPB provide compliant payment, document archive, delivery tracking, and content management ensure security.

PRINT & MAIL COST ELIMINATION: Multi-channel electronic delivery & servicing cuts costs & meets instant access expectations of today’s customers.

EXTENDED CORE SYSTEMS LIFE: Our proprietary multi-channel presentation services deliver your legacy system data with a modern look consistent across all channels.

IMPROVED AGENT PRODUCTIVITY: Our exclusive tools help your service agents resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Direct-to-Consumer Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Direct-to-Consumer Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

EBPP provides an end-to-end electronic transaction. It can improve customer service dramatically and build customer loyalty while providing cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities. The benefits are compelling and can be a value to your business and customers. Ask yourself the following questions: Are you dissatisfied with your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)? Are you hampered by multiple billing systems? Are your customers complaining that you don’t offer multichannel delivery? Is your customer’s experience less than stellar?

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