Digital Customer Communications Management

Digital Customer Communications Management (DCCM)

Historically, Digital customer Communications Management (DCCM) was accomplished with multiple software tools and implemented with narrow and short-term goals. All were stitched together and supported by an internal IT team already straining to implement and maintain critical core, CRM and contact center systems.

With CEDAR’s fully hosted CX solution, integrated communications services are deployed to streamline and modernize the entire communications process and connect information from all systems. Consistent, modern, personalized multi-channel communications are produced with end-to-end governance, visibility, and quality assurance. Our single-source solution manages the entire customer experience life cycle as an Enterprise Shared Service.

MODERN MULTI-CHANNEL DELIVERY: Our full-spectrum print & digital communication channels result in true multi-channel servicing and personalization for your customers, allowing your customers to communicate with you when, where and how they prefer.

HIGH-SPEED CHANGE: The majority of content changes required in customer communications can be completed in real-time, not months, enabling the response times today’s customers expect.

FULL LIFE CYCLE SERVICES: We assist you in the planning, sourcing, implementation, run management and evolution of your customer experience needs.

CENTRALIZED GOVERNANCE & CONTROL: Single source for all customer communication content and activity with versioning, audit trails, usage tracking, reporting, review & approval.

MULTI-SYSTEM INTEGRATION: Our API and data integration tools can aggregate content from multiple systems to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Digital Customer Communications Management

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