Reduce Servicing Costs Through Customer Self Service

For most large companies, producing and maintaining customer communications is a costly, disorganized process that adds very little to the bottom line. What is needed is a solution that will lower document production and delivery costs, help reduce errors, increase efficiency and improve service to customers.

CEDAR’s Agile CX Platform reduces your communications and servicing costs and adds value to your business by:

  • Decreasing the number of templates business users manage
  • Enabling less costly, electronic multichannel delivery options
  • Simplifying the template development process, lessening the dependency on IT
  • Consolidating your legacy systems

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The anywhere convenience offered in a mobile application broadens your customer reach and their ability to self-service.

Sunrise, CEDAR’s self-service app, gives your customers:

  • 24-hour account access
  • Access from any computer or mobile device
  • A better customer experience through an intuitive interface

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