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Raise your hand if you have been part of a project that was poorly planned and executed… ok, you don’t really have to raise your hand (but can if you want, no one is watching)…

CEDAR CX Engagement Process

One of the biggest challenges enterprises are faced with is ensuring proper planning prior to sourcing and the implementation of an enterprise IT initiative. And industry research supports this:

“Planning shortcuts cause 85% of all measurable project delays.
“Planning failures have replaced implementation challenges as the most significant impediment to project speed to value.”
(CEB) Corporate Executive Board, ‘Realizing Faster Value from Technology Projects’

CEDAR CX Technologies Engagement Process

Finding specific expertise and knowing the right questions to ask in the planning process is often overlooked. Thinking of hiring a generic consultant? Do they have the right domain experience?

What’s in Play in Planning

  • How do I develop a consensus vision for the initiative?
  • Who are the key groups that have to be part of the process?
  • What do related enterprise activities look like today?
  • What should a Unified Digital CCM and Servicing Strategy incorporate?
  • How do we divide the work into manageable phases and still leverage each phase into an Enterprise Standard and a Shared Services Model?
  • How do we successfully source and contract vendor services?
  • How do we define the mutual commitments to project schedules and deliverables for both internal and vendor groups of stakeholders?

Ultimately: How do we define what the Enterprise is buying and what the vendor or internal IT group is expected to deliver?

Developing the Consensus Initiative

Setup stakeholder workshops that focus on:

  • Finding ways to share information and issues across stakeholder groups without the fear of stepping on sacred territories within groups.
  • Promoting healthy conflicts for the resolution of critical issues.
  • Promoting stakeholder participation to flesh out all possible issues and alternatives by exposing current business processes (the Tribal Knowledge) and improvement goals.
  • Understanding that these new services are the destination, and the technology is just the road that gets you there!

How do you know if you have accounted for everything that is needed to execute your enterprise initiative? Not entirely sure? Contact us!

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