CX Platform Functional Modules

These are the obvious pieces of the communication puzzle. The easy-to-see main functions of a process we all understand. Or do we? The ones we typically think of first are:

  • Content Management – get the text and logo and form objects I want in my communications managed for use by my creation process.
  • Creation (or Composition) – the fun part where the communication object is created.

These functions tend to be where cool demos of third-party tools focus and leave out the harder (but still essential) processes needed to support modern customer communications. When really getting down to the business of modern communication, however, there is a much more complex challenge ahead.

CEDAR thinks about the functions this way:

  • Data & API Integration– Most financial services enterprises have a variety of core administration systems that trigger communication events and have unique data objects and formats. Each one of these systems must have their data mapped into a form that can be processed across the lifecycle and meet stringent governance requirements. Also, ease of integration through standard and/or custom APIs as needed to meet clients where they are in their real-time maturity model.
  • Preference & Profile Management – The variety of systems our clients run means that no single one of them has all the centralized information about how a customer prefers to be communicated with and is capable of both bulk and real-time updates and extracts. Also, omni-channel delivery information requires flexible configurations as well as compliance-driven associated data to fully support modern consumer expectations.
  • Content & Rule Management – There are literally hundreds (even thousands) of communication types and content resources that must be managed by dozens of participants to meet modern customer expectations. All this activity must be governed in a structured and auditable manner. Then based on the customer data and business requirements, there are even more rules that must be managed for inserting and positioning the data and content to enable personalized communications driving the required or desired behavior.
  • Communication Creation – Every communication channel has unique creation needs and challenges. CEDAR has optimized the tools for each channel to cover all the angles for our clients and their customers to ensure modern capability is always available.
  • Delivery Services – Like composition, delivery services vary radically by channel. Making the process look simple is only achieved after mastering the huge and rapidly changing complexity of modern consumer expectations.
  • Secure Transactions – For specific critical types of servicing events (such as payment collection), an entire secure messaging and transaction architecture is required to meet modern customer expectations.
  • Archive Data Warehouse – Everything that happens in modern communications is of interest to someone in the life cycle at some point. Storing and managing this data in an affordable and accessible way as it evolves is a key enable of modern CX.
  • Governance & Reporting – There are literally hundreds of participants in an enterprise’s customer communications activities. Either creating, triggering, auditing, authoring, reviewing, editing, or supporting the communications at all parts of the customer lifecycle. A robust system for managing access and functional rights is essential to meet regulatory and quality standards in a cost-effective way throughout the process.

In order to sustain the high level of performance, innovation, and flexibility our clients require, the CEDAR platform is:

  • Complete with all the features you need for modern CX capability
  • Standardized across years and hundreds of client implementations – benefit from the collective experience and investment of CEDAR and all our clients
  • Pre-integrated so there is zero risk of project surprises once your systems are plugged into the CEDAR platform
  • Extensible through the continuous addition of new edge capabilities and functional improvements applied in a consistent manner for the benefit of all clients accessible via APIs
  • Business-user management at the speed of customer need without internal IT cost and schedule constraints

Learn how our unique functional module architecture delivers modern CX at a lower cost with the business compliance and control you need.