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Modern customer communication is not a composition problem – it is a data problem. Specifically, a data management problem. The function of creating the final communication gets a lot of the attention (it is the final product we see after all), but a communication can’t be successful without properly gathering, preparing, storing, and routing all the various data elements and applying the hundreds of associated rules required to create, deliver, and support the communication. We designed our platform with that result in mind.

There are many sources and consumers of this data, and it is a continuous flow of messages and change. More than two-thirds of our platform is devoted to this data management challenge and is the secret to our success in delivering modern communications better, faster, and cheaper than all your alternatives. Like an iceberg, most of this is under the surface, out of view, and waiting to ruin your customer journey!


Functional Modules

Superficially the part everyone tends to focus on, these are the functions you expect to see in a solution: things like content management and composition. Of course, you will need more than that to really get the message across to your customers! Read about how our services modules deliver results for you

Workflow and Processing

Where does the data come from? Where does it go? How do I know it got there? Getting and moving the right data to the right place at the right time in the right way is a continuous challenge. Having the right tools is the difference between order and chaos! Read about how our workflow power keeps your data moving!

Communication Data Model

What are we communicating? What are the right settings? Did we send that communication? Was it delivered? Show me when and what we sent! For even a modest communications process of average volumes, answering these questions quickly, correctly, and consistently rapidly becomes overwhelming without the right supporting data management technology, APIs, and dashboards. Read about how CEDAR’s data model makes all the difference.

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