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Wealth Management and Broker-Dealers are adopting technology at an increasing rate. The primary factors driving the acceptance and implementation of new technology for those in the Wealth Management business and broker-dealers is the confluence of expanded compliance requirements along with advancing mobile applications.wealth management customer experience platform

The most practical objective is to improve processes and workflow. Productivity gains along with improving client communications are the primary objectives. With more than 92% of advisers and clients using smartphones, the shift to improved applications, e-signatures, and automated workflows will greatly improve the client/adviser relationship.

More advisers are looking to third-party software and service providers who can leverage technology assets. With the proliferation and fast-changing nature of tech products and services geared to the advisers, the move to outsourcing will continue to gain momentum.

More and more Wealth Management companies are outsourcing the management of information processing and information delivery. The main objective is to focus on their core responsibilities of:

  • Investment advice
  • Portfolio Management
  • Market analysis and risk assessment

Therefore,  the best use of wealth management firm’s resources is to integrate best in breed solutions from third-party services and products. The deepening complexity of applications along with the rapid adoption of technology and “Apps” at the investor level is accelerated the outsourcing trend.

The most significant impact of mobile device usage is financial adviser and staff productivity followed closely by improved client communications. The days of simple paper-based communications are becoming a communications medium of the past. We have entered the era of omnichannel communications to advisers and investors alike.

Bridging the Communications Gap Between Investors & Advisors

Wealth managers are looking for solutions that provide a cohesive approach to ensure compliance, address the integration of multiple communications platforms, share critical information across the enterprise and most importantly improve customer communications.

This exclusive white paper looks at:

  • Meeting each investors communication preference
  • Building trust through technology
  • Enabling systems to communicate in today’s language
  • Bridging the communications gap
  • CEDAR’s value to wealth managers

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