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Property and Casualty insurance companies face significant opportunities and many challenges related to customer communications management.
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (eipp) Platform
CEDAR positively impacts P&C insurance communications by supporting:

  • Fulfillment & Renewal Packages
  • Statements
  • Policy Documents
  • Letters from Customer Service
  • Renewal Notifications
  • Claims Correspondence
  • Underwriting Correspondence

Today, property and casualty carriers’ communications with customers are impeded by their having multiple document systems and templates and by their inability to deliver documents via multiple channels. Service levels are diminished, and, in the long term, customer retention rates will be as well.


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CEDAR helps Property & Casualty insurance companies:

Put big data into action to increase personalization, usability and the overall user experience of print and digital agent and customer communications. With CEDAR, business users are able to configure rules to control content presentation in on-demand, interactive and batch communications.
RESULT: Increased revenue, agent productivity and customer retention

Continuously improve service center effectiveness by providing a 360-degree view of customer communications, empowering business owners to continuously improve communications to avoid service contacts and empower customer service reps (CSRs) to respond in a compliant manner with on-demand template-based communications and streamlined workflows.
RESULT: Reduced operational expenses and improved retention

Streamline communication content management by empowering business owners to update content without changing core systems or undertaking a complex IT project
RESULT: Improved speed to market, reduced operational costs and improved compliance by shortening the content management process to minutes/hours instead of weeks/months

Provide customers and agents with an optimized multichannel experience, regardless of the state of your core systems
RESULT: Improved customer experience, improved agent experience & productivity, improved ROI on future core system projects


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