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Customer Experience mortgageRegardless of the strategic choices made by an organization, achieving the desired results will be determined by how well the organization is able to consistently execute and manage the operational challenges across the mortgage life cycle.

These challenges include:

  • Rising capital and compliance costs
  • Increasing servicing costs
  • A high level of regulatory scrutiny
  • Depletion of management time and resources necessitated by consent orders, litigation, P&I advances and fee disputes
  • Mounting consumer complaints and legislative inquiry stemming from siloed communications channels

To address these challenges the single most effective initiative a mortgage servicing organization can execute today is the implementation of a customer communications management solution. CEDAR’s core competency is the management of data and content to drive effective electronic and printed communications. Communications that are compliant, actionable, and relevant to investors, regulators and consumers.

Customer Experience mortgage

CEDAR will re-engineer your mortgage customer communications to give your customers a highly effective, personally tailored experience. Reach your customers through their desired delivery channel, including: web portal, email & interactive PDF and enhanced print & mail.

customer self-servicingcustomer experiencecustomer experience mortgage

Get ahead of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s requirements for easy-to-understand mortgage statements, notice of interest adjustments, force-placed insurance notifications and prompt payment applications.

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With CEDAR, integrated services are deployed to streamline and modernize the entire communications process and to cross-purpose information from one department to another. No more one-off solutions or software toolkits to burden IT. No more silos of information separating loan administration, collateral control, and customer service. Instead, we deploy a single-point solution for managing the entire customer communications process.

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