Merchant Communications and Servicing

Providing a comprehensive list of communication and servicing capabilities that, when integrated and deployed, helps clients avoid negatively impacting servicing efficiency, control, costs, retention risk and, most importantly, the merchant experience. merchant services customer experience

The goal is to build product differentiation through communication and servicing For Benefit of merchant acquisition and retention.

To build product differentiation, a number of key communication and servicing requirements must be accounted for and benchmarked. These requirements must be evaluated and deployed across many integrated workflows and vendors to support specific use cases for Merchant Servicing. With this approach a company will launch with a comprehensive servicing package and true product differentiation.

There are significant data and content dependencies between the document/communication output and the web/mobile services categories. This is especially true for many of the online communication events that support print and call center servicing as well as digital self-service. There are three major categories of services required, as outlined below:

I. Merchant Documents and Communication Output Management
II. Merchant Web/Mobile Portal for Authenticated Digital Servicing — Branding to ABC company and/or re-seller channels is achieved
III. Agent Administrative Web/Mobile Authenticated Portal – Services Management and Merchant Services Delivery and Support work on (a)

This is why many of our merchant services clients turn to us for services that deliver variable content across multiple delivery channels within the following communication events:

  • Welcome Kits
  • Statements
  • Chargeback/dispute letters
  • Marketing communications
  • Tax forms
  • Electronic POS Receipts
  • PCI compliance
  • Account Maintenance Letters – Service Interactions/Transactions
  • Fraud/Security Alerts

CEDAR works with merchants to improve and accelerate their end-to-end processes for all high value customer communications. CEDAR’s Customer Communications Management Platform lives between your core systems and your customer, aggregating and transforming customer account information into impactful, personalized customer touches.

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