Consumer Lending

Consumer lenders are facing a customer communications triple threat:

  • Regulatory requirements to provide consumers with personally relevant lending information
  • Escalating costs to create, deliver, track and archive customer servicing documents
  • Consumer demand and competitive pressure to provide self-service whenever, wherever, and via whatever channels the customer prefersCEDAR CX Technologies' Consumer Lending

This is why many of our consumer lending clients turned to us for a communications solution that delivers high e-document adoption and the following benefits:

  • Increased Speed to Market for new products
  • e-Documents that lower customer servicing costs
  • Reduced print/mail costs from increased e-Adoption
  • Print optimization that reduces errors and waste
  • Improved self-servicing options for all customers
  • Personalized communication with your customers
  • Variable payment plans
  • Operational improvements across collections, end of term, end-of-lease, payments and more
  • Reduced call center servicing costs
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction

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