Customer communications play an important role in Customer Experience (CX), Operational Efficiency, and Governance —  ultimately affecting customer loyalty. It’s time for banks to recognize CX as an area of opportunity and strategically re-engineer their processes for creating, managing, and enhancing real-time API-based interactions with customers.

Those interactions include alerts, notices, social media posts, forms, on-demand communications, marketing campaigns, account/customer servicing documents, and more. Done properly and with an enterprise communication strategy, significant opportunities exist to convert what is, at best, a “forgotten necessity” and, at worst, a weakness for many financial institutions into a powerful CX strength and market differentiator.

Here are some of the benefits realized by our banking clients: 

Key Future State Benefits


An effective and personalized communication strategy, using CEDAR’s CX-CCM Platform, provides a path for banks to dramatically improve their customer communications and, in turn, the overall Customer Experience and resulting loyalty. Moreover, the same technology can be leveraged to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and governance. The strategy is a win-win-win for the bank.

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