Today’s banking environment is both highly competitive and heavily regulated. This is why many of our banking clients turned to us for a communications solution that provides competitive differentiation while lowering costs and delivering the personalized communications mandated by state and federal regulators.Banking customer experience platform

Here are some of the benefits realized by our banking clients:

  • Speed to market by using existing data, core platform gateways and Web services
  • Lowered customer servicing costs from converting customers to e-documents sent to their email inbox — email is the number one use of the Internet
  • Reduced print and mail costs from increased electronic adoption and from print optimization that reduces errors and waste in the print/mail cycle
  • Improved self-servicing options for both print and electronic customers
  • Targeted interactive marketing — regular and personalized communication with your customers over the life of your financial relationship
  • Variable payment plans — make payments conform to individual cash flows through variable auto pay
  • Operational improvements — across statements, letters, regulatory disclosures, and more
  • Reduced call center servicing costs — per customer account
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction

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