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Case Study – How a Top 5 Online Bank

Saved $4.7 Million Annually in Customer Servicing Costs


  • Servicing costs increasing due to new account growth and rebranding
  • Large scale local printing, on-demand communications, and manual processes in operations
  • Changes to customer communications were too costly and time-consuming, averaging 140 days and $3,933 per change


  • Re-platforming enabled bank to self-manage personalized targeted content
  • Delivered high-volume welcome kits and tax forms electronically
  • Automated back-office manual fulfillment of letter and checks
  • Data leveraged to drive personalization, reconciliation, and customer analytics
  • Integrated separate systems into one platform enabling users to self-manage all communications without IT assistance, on demand, at no cost saving over $3M annually

Annual Savings

Annual savings of $2.9M for change costs; $1.8M for e-delivery, with most changes now being made on demand at no cost


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Rebranded with significantly improved customer personalization and preferences


Self-manage, track, and record over 1,200 changes across 30M communications per year

CEDAR is the best vendor we have.

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Fortune 500, top 25 largest banks

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