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Case Study – How a Top 25 Regional Bank

Enabled Rapid Establishment of Inaugural Digital Bank Experience


  • Design a banking experience that fully digitized all customer communications
  • Stand-up denovo digital-first bank and integrate with a new core system in six months communications, and manual processes in operations
  • Provide flexibility to make changes to products, positioning, and experience
  • Honor customer preference for electronic communication delivery options


  • Created a full library of online, email and SMS communications
  • Leveraged multiple APIs for online presentment, alerts, and personalization
  • Provided on-demand, one-to-one and one-to-many communications capabilities
  • Enabled full content management for rapid change flexibility
  • Leveraged data to drive personalized content and detailed delivery tracking, audit traceability and governance
  • Integrated separate systems and processes into one platform that enabled 430+ users to self-manage and access communications across the enterprise

Annual Savings

Annual savings of $2.9M for Reduced time to market and accelerated progress toward initial goal of reaching $1M in deposits


Arrow in Target icon as a metaphor for Improved Digital CX - Group-1697@2x

Established new brand and design across all communications channels


Improved email delivery remediation tools, providing a bounce rate <1% (well below the industry average)

CEDAR’s communications capabilities were CRITICAL to our success as a digital bank.


Top 25 regional bank

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