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Case Study – Leading National Mortgage Lender

Reduced Costs and Risk with Standardization and Control


  • Lack of centralized control and visibility into printed letters mailed to borrowers
  • Escalating operational and risk issues due to local printing, hand collation, and manual data entry
  • Inconsistency in design, language, and visual and verbal branding elements of letters
  • Fragmented and siloed teams creating letters with 470 templates and 730 data elements


  • Implemented new on-demand letters module for call centers
  • Reduced manual data entry with automated data fills and business rules
  • Digitalization of complex letters, reduced the need for manual printing, collating, and handling; ultimately resulting in reduced labor costs
  • Provided single source library for all letter templates
  • Data leveraged to drive regulatory content and support regulatory audits
  • Integrated separate systems and processes into one platform that enables over 300 users to self-manage communications across the enterprise

Annual Savings

Annual savings of $430K in reduced call center labor costs


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Redesigned letters to a consistent, simplified brand standard


Self-manage, track, and record Automation, regulatory controls, and end-to-end tracking

Transform your fragmented customer experience

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