CEDAR attends FIS Connect London

Atlanta, June 13, 2019 — CEDAR CX Technologies (CEDAR), a leading provider of hosted managed services for Customer Experience (CX), attended the FIS Connect conference at the QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London on June 12-13.

CEDAR SVP of Sales and Business Development, Richard Bishop, along with partners from FIS and several clients, presented, “You Talkin’ To Me?” – The Criticality of Customer Communications During Digital Transformation June 13.

The session focused on the principles and attributes of great digital communication in the context of today’s changing financial servicing ecosystems. Financial institutions can leverage these focused areas during their Digital Transformation Journey to examine and improve personalized and actionable communications with customers, an essential step to help win and retain a loyal customer base.

“There are many challenges we see managing customer communications that impact customer experience, operational efficiency, and governance. These challenges, when properly addressed, create tremendous opportunities for financial institutions to improve their customer experience, reduce technology debt, and increase controls over their customer communications. I am looking forward to hearing various client perspectives as well as sharing our view on the importance of customer communications during digital transformation.“

— Richard Bishop, SVP, Sales at CEDAR

Bishop and Solution Sales Engineer, Luis Domenge, also demonstrated CEDAR’s unified DCCM platform to FIS Connect attendees during the conference.

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