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Read our case studies, white papers, and thought leadership reports that discuss CEDAR’s cutting-edge approach to Customer Communications Management (CCM).

Case Studies


NEW: Case Study
One of nation’s largest retail banks launches direct bank with CEDAR in 6 months

The communication challenge was to enable a fully digital Customer Experience (CX) for one of the nation’s largest retail banks, providing a variety of financial services to millions of people, businesses, institutions, and nonprofits. Read the case study

Case Study
Summit Financial boosts electronic adoption to 70 percent

Summit Financial Corp, an auto finance company in the Southeastern United States, increased electronic adoption for online correspondence and payments from zero to more than 70% in just twelve months. Read the case study

Case Study
Client rebrands all customer documents & correspondence in 6 months

CEDAR CX Technologies was brought in to rebrand leading online bank’s customer correspondence and documentation in six months and to implement a new set of content and correspondence management tools and electronic delivery capabilities.
Read the case study

Case Study
EIPP & eInvoicing solution helps boost eAdoption by 50%

While the time to find and implement a new EIPP portal solution was short, this represented an opportunity for one company to address some major deficiencies in their current system. Read the case study

Case Study
Client Completes Stalled Statement Redesign Project

A global payment processing company with more than $10 billion in annual revenue needed a statement redesign. Read the case study

Case Study
Client reduces costs and improves the customer experience with CEDAR

CEDAR was brought in to implement components of a leading homeowner’s insurance company’s Communication Platform, including electronic delivery capabilities, a delivery preference manager, and a self-service archive. Read the case study

Case Study
Penn National enhances multichannel billing with CEDAR

The project was designed to enhance Penn National’s multi-channel billing communication and service experience for customers, agents, and internal stakeholders and to improve customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency. Read the case study

White Papers


White Paper
Insurers Look to Outsource CCM: Part of the Customer Experience Success Equation | SMA Viewpoint

More and more insurers are entertaining the option of outsourcing part or all of their customer communications to trusted partners – looking for end-to-end providers with offerings that can handle content authoring, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), document assembly, e-delivery, self-service, and print management. Get the paper now

White Paper
Customer Acquisition in Life & Annuities: New Options for Insurers | SMA Viewpoint
This report looks at the options and benefits of deploying a services-based model that can be implemented rapidly and gives insurers better management control of the transition from paper-based delivery to e-delivery. Get the paper now

White Paper
Customer Communications for a Competitive Advantage | SMA
This report looks at strategies and solutions for managing customer communications across every part of the business. Get the paper now

White Paper
Improving Customer Communications in Mortgage Servicing | CEDAR
Download this exclusive white paper to find out if there is an ideal solution for solving today’s most basic loan servicing technology challenges.  Get the paper now

White Paper
Learn about the broader impact and costs of your customer communications | CEDAR
Read this CEDAR white paper to learn about the broader impact and costs of your customer communications. Get the paper now

White paper
Collections Begin at the Point of Sale | CEDAR
Read this CEDAR white paper to learn how to avoid collections issues with your customers before they materialize. Get the paper now

White Paper
Enabling the Next Generation of Customer Communications Technologies | Madison Advisors
This paper looks at the challenges and options businesses have for meeting customer expectations for multichannel communications. Get the paper now

White Paper
An Outsourcing Revolution | Madison Advisors
A How-To Guide for Deciding If Outsourcing is Right for You.  Get the paper now

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