Ensure Compliance Governance

Here are a few Governance success stories from our clients:

Ease of Audit Support

Prior to the CEDAR partnership, all our financial services clients struggled with supporting audits of their communications. Being able to show what was produced, why it was sent, when it was delivered, and whether it reached the customer, as well as the security and privacy of the interaction, are all critical aspects supported by our services.

  • Our content management system web UI shows the exact content, rules, templates, data, and processes in place at any point in time as well as rendered examples of all content all easily accessible
  • Our governance system web UI shows the exact users, dates, reviews, approvals, comments, and changes made to all communications at any point in time.
  • Our archival system shows the exact communication as delivered to each customer along with the delivery tracking information (date/time sent, final delivery status, open and link clicking date/time, etc.) regardless of the delivery channel (print, web, email, SMS, Fax, etc.)

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Communication Cost Tracking

Several of our larger wealth management and merchant services clients have complex plan and affinity servicing relationships. In addition to the complexity of managing the communications with hundreds of brand variations, they also have complex bill back and cost accounting challenges as well.

  • At its heart, CEDAR’s services are data management services. By tracking the metadata (account number, plan number, marker bank, communication type, etc.) from end to end of the process we can provide detailed information for every single communication event.
  • Communication data is extracted early and associated with each communication event as XML and managed by our process engine for job, delivery, SLA, billing, and reporting purposes allowing clients to understand their communication cost drivers at every level.
  • This rich data set is available for structured reports consumed by client billing systems; CSV or XML extracts for client BI tool consumption; or through a CEDAR-hosted data warehouse or BI tools such as Tableau.

Fraud Risk Management

Our direct bank clients deal with major fraud risk as hackers across the world attempt to steal money through fraudulent practices. This is a dynamic and stressful environment requires quick access to comprehensive information and rapid change management to minimize the risk of losses.

  • Our comprehensive delivery tracking and archive supports investigations in real-time to determine if online activity follows fraud risk patterns. Accessible through UIs and APIs this information is made broadly available to all support and security levels.
  • Our archive’s copy of the exact communication sent enables examination of the customer experience which can sometimes provide clues as to the nature of the fraud threat and suggest actions to thwart or minimize the risk.
  • Changes to rules, layout, terms, conditions, and instructions can be authored, drafted, tested, reviewed, approved and put into production in minutes if need be to counter fast-moving conditions without sacrificing immediate and long-term auditability of settings and results.

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Customer Service Support

One of our employee benefit clients needed to undertake a major 3rd party process audit to ensure compliance with specific state regulations as part of winning that state’s retirement plan management business.

  • Our operation team met with auditors for several days describing all service level processes and support, including end-to-end communication balancing and reconciliation.
  • CEDAR teamed with the client IT and print vendor partners to describe the end-to-end controls from communication event triggering all the way to final delivery, including USPS and overnight carrier piece tracking.
  • Our client passed all audit requirements and won the state’s business while CEDAR received compliments on the thoroughness of its controls and processes.

InfoSec Audit Support

As a communications service provider to the financial services industry, CEDAR has many client and 3rd party audits it must pass annually and certifications it must achieve and maintain.

  • Our operations team is annually audited by Grant Thornton on all five SAE-16 SOC2 Trust Principles and has a stellar record of no findings since the audits commenced in 2012.
  • We are annually certified at the highest level of security by the Payment Card Industry (PCI Level 1) to process credit and debit card payments through their provider network.
  • To support some PII requirements by one of our clients we also maintain a HIPAA certification status as well as supporting a variety of web penetration tests, code vulnerability scans, and infosec reviews every year.

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