Webinar: ‘Improving Your Customer Experience (CX) Transformations’

Improving Customer Experience Transformations

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FIS and CEDAR held a virtual Panel Discussion, Improving Your Customer Experience (CX) Transformations, on March 9 at 1:30 p.m.

FIS and CEDAR assembled a panel of experts in these fields to discuss their experience and perspectives on the importance of CCM in core transformation to obtain a modernized unified customer experience. Panelists included:

    • Andrew Beatty, Head of Next Generation Banking, FIS
    • Tracey Dunlap, Design & Experience, FIS
    • Richard Bishop, EVP, CEDAR CX Technologies

Often overlooked, the impact of a core transformation can be limited by the ancillary solutions that actually interact with the customer. During core transformation, banks will sometimes focus only on the Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) such as account origination and online banking and feel that they have the customer experience covered. While many think that core transformation + DXP upgrade = CX success, there is a third leg of this stool; Customer Communications Management (CCM). This is often left behind, resulting in project risks, limiting the overall Customer Experience in these transformation efforts.